Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notes on Pop Culture: Thanksgiving Dinner Dysfunction, 'Key' Potter Film Series Moments, 'Red Riding Hood' Trailer (New 'Twilight?')

Thanksgiving Dinner Dysfunction: For the past several years on parenting blogs for which I’ve written, I’ve created and posted a Dysfunctional Family Bingo Card, in whose boxes I inputted various horrible scenarios which you’d never want to occur at your Thanksgiving dinner.

This year, however, instead of a new Bingo card, I’ve created a snarky quiz in which I offer a series of awkward Thanksgiving dinner scenarios, including one inspired by the Betty Draper-Sally Draper gagging on the sweet potatoes scene from the season four premiere of Mad Men.  You're asked to select the response which, to you, represents the best reaction to the situation, based on how dysfunctional you like your family gatherings to be, which may depend on how much wine you've had. Here’s my Mad Men-inspired question:

The hostess of the dinner, who made all the food, loudly observes, for all the diners to hear, that your 8-year-old nephew doesn’t have any yams on his plate. “What, you don’t like my yams?” she asks from the other side of the table. “Why don’t you try some? They’re really good.”

a) Your sister-in-law frowns, then says, “Sure he likes them, don’t you Tommy?” Then she shovels some into his mouth as he protests and gags.

b) Your sister-in-law says, “Thanks for asking, but he’s not a fan of yams. He loves your cranberry sauce though.”

c) “That’s right!” your brother bellows, “smart boy! Just like his dad. NO ONE likes yams.”

Betty chose option A at her first Thanksgiving at her new mother-in-law's home, followed by dragging her daughter out of the room and pinching her.

‘Key’ Harry Potter Film Series Moments: In anticipation of this week’s release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (it’s getting good reviews, including an A- from Entertainment Weekly), The Daily Beast has posted what it describes as 13 “key” moments from the movie series. Among those memorable movie scenes: Harry vs Quirrell/Voldemort in the bowels of Hogwarts, Tom Riddle’s diary flashback, Harry realizing in The Prisoner of Azkaban that he had to save himself from the Dementors (he was the one he was waiting for, not his father), the odious Dolores Umbridge’s scarringly evil detention punishment for Harry, the battle against the Death Eaters in the Ministry of Magic which killed Sirius (so devastating for orphan Harry) and the death of Dumbledore. (*sniff*)

Red Riding Hood Trailer (The 'New Twilight?'): While some have likened the trailer for the film Red Riding Hood to “Twilight in a cape,” a writer at the web site Jezebel says she thinks this film, which stars Big Love’s Amanda Seyfried, “looks so much better” than director Catherine Hardwicke’s other big film, the original Twilight movie.

What do you think?

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