Monday, April 23, 2007

Adult Red Sox Fan Taunts Kindergartener in a Yankees Cap

Scene: Dunkin’ Donuts, Saturday morning, several hours after the Boston Red Sox came from behind to beat the New York Yankees in dramatic style during the first of three games.
Characters: Mom (okay, me) in a Red Sox hoodie, 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son who insisted on wearing a Yankees cap (I’m hoping he grows out of it), and a guy in a Red Sox T-shirt.

Action: While the mom, daughter and son were sitting at a table next to a window minding their own business, a guy in a Sox shirt balanced his tray of coffees up on a window ledge outside so he could rap on the window and catch the attention of the kindergartener in the Yankees cap. When the boy, and everyone else at the table looked at him, the man slowly pointed to the words “Red Sox” on his shirt and then said, “Good game last night, eh?” (The kindergartener had gone to bed long before the game ended.) Then the man laughed, nodded at the mom — who was wearing the Sox hoodie and therefore was deemed a kindred spirit — and walked away.

What the mom wanted to do but didn’t: Chase the guy down the sidewalk and tell him that even though she wishes her son weren’t interested in the Yankees, he, sadly, is. Nonetheless, he’s a kid. He’s 5. And if you want to taunt someone, go find someone your own size, buddy, leave the kid alone.

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