Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay, I’ll Just Admit That I Can’t Keep Up With Other Moms

Here are five random reasons:

1. I didn’t know that parents are expected to give end-of-the-year gifts to the school bus drivers. (Thankfully, my kind neighbor let me know that parents DO give end-of-the-year presents and offered buy one and let me give her cash later this week.)

2. I’m abundantly happy that tonight’s make-up soccer game for Abbey’s team was canceled. (We had a make-up game last night, have soccer “evaluations” – re: tryouts – tomorrow night, and the final game on Saturday morning. Last week, her team had soccer four out of five days.)

3. I have hardly any fresh food in the house. (The kids were actually begging for fruit and a “balanced meal” last night, after I drove the kids and myself a couple towns over so Casey could get his T-ball photo re-shot and before I dragged us all to Abbey’s soccer game. Don’t even ask me what I’ve packed them for lunches this past week. The contents would make their school nurse/nutritionist scream.)

4. There are five loads of clean laundry (washed by The Spouse) sitting, all wrinkled, on a sofa in the family room. (The only reason there aren’t four more loads sitting, likewise wrinkled, on my bedroom floor is because I finally got to folding them early this morning.)

5. There’s a new mirror, still in its packaging, that’s been sitting atop Jonah’s dust-laden bureau for several months. I just haven’t gotten around to putting it up.

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