Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Co-Host For the Day, Dishing on TV, Back-to-School Time

Since one of the two funny, down-to-earth, Massachusetts-based Manic Mommies podcasters was away on business recently, I served as a substitute co-host with Manic Mommy Kristin Brandt.

Kristin and I dished about back-to-school mania, as well as about summer and fall TV (and the reason why I was sporting a "High School Musical" temporary tattoo on my arm when we taped the show). TV programs we discussed included: The mega-hit movie “High School Musical 2” (Disney Channel), “Big Love” (HBO), “The Closer” (TNT), “Mad Men” (AMC), “Grey’s Anatomy” (ABC), "The Office" (NBC), "Gilmore Girls" (CW) and “Heroes” (NBC).

You can download the Manic Mommies podcast (it's like a radio show on the internet) off of iTunes, or follow the directions on this website.

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