Thursday, August 9, 2007

Three for Thursday: Big Love, Gotta Get Away, Moms Blogging

Item #1: Lovin’ ‘Big Love’

Has anyone caught any of the recent episodes of the HBO-polygamist drama “Big Love?” You should. It kicks some serious behind. (When I was blogging for the AOL TV blog TV Squad, I reviewed a couple of episodes.)

Every time I watch the show, several questions pop into my head:
1. Why would anyone want to share a husband with another woman, never mind with multiple women?

2. Why would anyone want more than one wife? (The Spouse wonders that aloud every time we watch the show, adding that, "One wife is plenty." And he doesn't mean that in a nice way either.)

3. Wouldn’t it be cool to have other moms around to pinch-hit for babysitting, or with whom you could just chat on a moment's notice?

4. Why doesn’t Barb -- the unhappy first wife who was pressured into transforming her traditional marriage into a plural one as she was coping with cancer treatment – just leave her thrice-married husband, who, in the second season of the show seems conniving and pig-headed?

As the series makes its way toward the season finale, I keep hoping for Barb to skedaddle outta there.

Item # 2: Moms: Do You Need to Get Away?

Speaking of skedaddling . . . those crazy Manic Mommies -- the Massachusetts podcasters who muse weekly about parenting issues, with their feet firmly planted on the ground and their senses of humor fully in tact – are organizing a weekend get-away for moms on Veteran’s Day weekend in Newport, RI. Those who show up for the weekend extravaganza will not only be treated to a night of comedy and useful information, but you’ll get to meet me in person as I’ll be appearing to talk about down-to-earth parenting.

More information about the Manic Mommies Escape is located here.

Item #3: Moms Blogging

The latest issue of the University of Massachusetts alumni magazine is all about contemporary family issues. Among the articles pieces is a feature story I wrote about why I got into this whole blogging business in the first place. I give props to some of my favorite parenting bloggers, including Melissa Summers and Lindsay Ferrier. There’s also a photo of me with my offspring, looking as though I have 14 chins. I’m also quasi-squinting/looking uncomfortable, and frankly, like I need a good night’s sleep. But then again, I’m almost always in need of a good night’s sleep. Must be all that coffee.

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