Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kids’ Style Contest. Why?

A national magazine is sponsoring a contest for the most “stylish” kids and is encouraging parents to submit snapshots of their little ones in dashing duds.

Question 1: Isn’t this more about the parents’ desire to feel stylish – and their willingness to shell out cash for over-priced kids’ clothing that the children will outgrow in four months – than about kids?

Question 2: Why should it matter if a kid is “stylish?”

I know that my kids certainly won’t be winning any style contests, particularly when I let them put together their own Technicolor outfits that are, on occasion, blinding and sometimes evoke a smirk. (My 6-year-old’s ensembles are usually pretty amusing.)

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: I just read the long rules section for the “stylish” contest and learned that, indeed, the outfits the kiddos should be wearing in the photos should be, and I quote, “in an outfit of his/her own imagination.” Well, that’s a little better than the stylish contest I thought they were having. But still, I cannot imagine that the sweatpants/sweatshirts/Red Sox ensembles my kids might concoct would ever be considered “stylish.”

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jackie said...

Hmm, wonder if my daughter's favorite tutu, cowboy boots and raincoat ensemble would have won? :)