Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Poisonous Toys: Yet Another Recall

News just in this morning:

There’s yet another recall of hundreds of thousands toys sold in America and made in China. This time it involves toys that I may actually have in my house. (The recall involves Barbie accessories and I have a Barbie aficionado in my home).

What I want to know is:

Who is going to pay for all the time parents have to spend combing through the lists of the recalled items – including detailing all the makes and model numbers – and then searching through toy boxes, bedrooms, playrooms and in between mini-van seats for the lead-paint contaminated toys? (Answer: No one.)

Why are parents continually faced with having to take toys away from their kids, mailing them back to the manufacturers -- who distributed poisonous toys -- and then have to wait, with fingers crossed, to see if they actually get a replacement or some cash back? (Because parents want cheap toys and manufacturers want cheap labor?)

Does this mean that, in order not to give my niece and nephews poison in the form of Christmas gifts, I’d best stay away from toys made in China? (Who knows which toys are safe anymore?)

Maybe I should just buy them books instead to feed their minds . . . until we learn that the ink the book binders used is poisonous . . . or maybe I’m just being paranoid.

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