Thursday, February 28, 2008

Three for Thursday: ‘Lost’s’ Parental Issues, Political Baby and Sox Spring Training

Item #1: ‘Lost’s’ Parental Issues

Ever watch the labyrinthian drama “Lost” -- about survivors of a plane crash stranded on an island -- and wonder why almost all the parents are screwed up and why women who get pregnant while on the island all die? Nearly every major character on the show has some kind of parentally-inflicted damage, the after-effects of which they’re still coping. And the irony of pregnancy equaling death, well, that just adds to the show’s many mysteries. I muse about these curious contradictions in a recent piece on Mommy Track’d.

Item #2: Political Baby

Want to know with which presidential candidate a baby feels most comfortable? During this presidential primary season, journalist Darren Garnick had his baby girl photographed with each of the major presidential candidates. In Senator Barack Obama’s arms, Garnick’s then-newborn looked comfy. She was happy for two seconds in Senator John McCain’s arms, Garnick wrote, but then started wailing. When the baby was held by Senator Hillary Clinton, the two locked eyes and the senator looked like a pro.

Item #3: Sox Spring Training Bay-Bee

Enough of winter, black ice, white-out conditions, etc. Enough of the flu, colds and whatever bugs are going around. I’m ready for spring. And spring means baseball. Or, at least spring training. More specifically, Boston Red Sox spring training.

(Image from ABC.)

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