Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sports in the Morning . . . Sports in the Evening

Early this morning: TV was tuned to the Boston Red Sox season opener in Japan (played in the evening in Japan, in the wee hours of the morning on the East Coast). Kids watched the Olde Towne team during breakfast with their dad, while I drove to work and listened in on the radio, and then cursed when the game went into extra innings and didn’t end before it was time to teach my first class of the day. (My students did, however, seem to enjoy the updates I provided them as I repeatedly checked my BlackBerry for the up-to-the-minute score during the first half of the class.)

This evening: TV will be tuned to my alma mater playing in the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). Kids will be allowed to watch some of it . . . probably more than they should, considering it’s a school night.

Early tomorrow morning: The Sox are slated for another pre-dawn ballgame on the tube.

We’re going to be one tired sports family.

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