Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Can't Moms Have More Gals' Nights Out?

I've been feeling starved for a gals' nights out.

With our children's schedules packed, our workloads insane and everyone running around ragged, it has become ridiculously impossible for me to get together with my gal pals. Whether it's to simply go out to catch a movie or simply a cup of over-priced coffee some place, my mom friends and I experienced a great deal of trouble trying to make our schedules jive.

I sadly lament the decline in the time I'm able to spend with my friends in my April Parents and Kids Magazine essay.

Do you and your gal pals have time to get together or do your families' lives get in the way of your nights out?


Anonymous said...

We have time to get together...sometimes. We'll plan three weeks ahead, easily. And if it doesn't work, she'll bring her two boys over to play with my two boys, and we'll have pizza and w(h)ine and the boys have a great time playing together. But it's so tough. I feel so refreshed after getting together with my gal pals and need it more often than I get it. :(

Anonymous said...

I find that one thing that makes it more difficult to get together with my other mom friends is the availability and scheduling desires of working versus stay at home moms. Trying to do a girls' night during the work week for a working mom is very, very tough; whereas a Friday night for a SAHM is absolute "family time".

tracy said...

To be honest, I don't even want a girls night out, I want an AFTERNOON out! I am ready for bed by 8pm so I don't think I'd be very exciting, but an afternoon of shopping and lunch seems like a nice little treat yes.

Karen said...

I live for my nights out with other moms. It makes me a better mom when I can get together with my gal pals.

BTW, I somehow won your book in a giveaway and I really enjoyed your book. It took me just two sessions of bathtub relaxing to read (laugh!) through it. I'm recommending it to every mom I know.