Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vast Riches, My Children, Don't Take Them for Granted

I was up, late into the night, watching the Boston Celtics win their first national championship since I was but an awkward high school student who didn't sufficiently appreciate the likes of Bird & Co. when I watched and rooted for in the 80s. ("Don't the Celtics always win?" I remember thinking.)

The Eldest Son stayed up with The Spouse and I, watching until the bitter end, almost making it to see the televised images of the champagne showers in the locker room.

This morning, The Spouse had spread our newspapers across the kitchen counter, all with huge, glorious images of the triumphant Celtics for our three kids to see. Looking at those images and at the children who've become accustomed to their teams winning, I don't know if my three children can entirely recognize how very lucky they have been, with the shocking (I still remain shocked) 2004 Red Sox World Series championship, the Patriots' Super Bowl victories, the 2007 Red Sox win and now, the Celtics' championship. They think, that Boston teams -- with the exception of the Bruins -- always win.

Silly children. Enjoy it now, while you can. You never know when we'll be this lucky again.

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