Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin 'Mommy Wars' Rage On

After venting my head off on my other blog, the Picket Fence Post, about the double-standard in the way in which the GOP VP nominee's parenthood is handled as compared to her male counterparts, I was contacted by a reporter from a California newspaper, the Contra Costa Times, to muse about the controversy about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the working mom.

I found some of the comments by others in the Times article regarding the criticism of Palin running for national office while a mother of five -- including a 5-month-old with Down Syndrome and a pregnant 17-year-old -- intriguing, including a quote from a UC Berkeley professor and author of a book on mothers who work:

"Palin is 'an easy target.' The latte crowd at Starbucks can sit around and shred her up. But some of the things that have been said, if it was a man would never happen. You'd think some of the hard-core feminists would come out and say, 'Give me a break.'"

One would think that, wouldn't she?

Image credit: Contra Costa Times.

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