Friday, October 17, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: I Feel Sorry for Joe the Plumber & Candidates Get Funny

I Feel Sorry for Joe the Plumber


This single dad -- who most of America is already sick of -- didn't ask to be propelled into the national spotlight, didn't ask for folks to dig through his personal affairs. It's horribly unfortunate that he first entered the public domain when he questioned Barack Obama about how his tax plan would affect his plumbing business' growth, and has now come to the media digging up info about how Joe owes back taxes, has a lean on his holdings, isn't a registered plumber and whose first name is Samuel.

Maybe Joe the Plumber could use a little help from Joe Six-Pack about now. Poor guy.

Yesterday morning -- before any real info about Joe Wurzelbacher hit the internet -- my kids asked me if I wished I'd been the one about whom the presidential candidates discussed (25 mentions!) during a debate. I said, "No. No way." I would never want that kind of scrutiny, with folks using me for political gain.

Candidates Get Funny

The last presidential debate was feistier than the previous two. The candidates were asked tough questions and addressed hot button topics. Most pundits are giving John McCain the edge on content, Obama on style. How the debate may or may not have affected the decisions of undecided voters in swing states is an open question.

When it comes to the public opinion polls on who's leading, just 19 days before the election, it's still too early to tell. If last night's stunning Red Sox come-from-behind win against the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Championship Series (the Sox were down 7-0 in the the 7th then staged the biggest playoff comeback since 1929) is any indication, you can't assume you know who's going to win. Obama may be ahead in the polls at this moment in time, but he only has a narrow lead. Anything can happen. Last week we didn't know about Joe the Plumber. Around Labor Day, we didn't know we were headed for a stock market crash. Remember, Obama was expected to crush Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. And lost.

What was refreshing, though, was last night's Al Smith dinner in New York where McCain and Obama let loose their sarcasm and their wit. And were sharply entertaining. If only the debates could be like this.


Walking In My Sleep said...

So true! This year, more than ever before, things are not the same old same old. People aren't going to really make up their minds until they step up to the plate and place their votes. I bet this goes many extra innings into the night!

Meredith O'Brien said...

I agree. I think the margin of victory for whomever wins will be razor-thin, like the most recent presidential elections. Better break out the java on election night!