Friday, October 3, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Sarah Survives, Joe Nearly Cries & Bailout is Greenlit

She survived. More than merely survived. She strung together aggressive sentences and strong sentiments joined with you-betcha folksy language, sprinkled with a few knowing winks aimed directly into the camera. Mentioned Joe Six-packs, hockey moms, soccer moms and a third grade class to which she promised would receive extra credit for watching the vice presidential debate. Doggoneit. She put those awkwardly awful Katie Couric interviews behind her. For now. She's not going to be kicked around. Especially not by Joe.

He didn't condescend. Or wildly run off at the mouth. Or ask anyone who is differently-abled and wheelchair-bound to stand up. He drew specific, distinct differences between the policy positions of the different tickets on several matters. While he seemed a bit stuffy, he did, in fact tear up when he recalled his days as a single father in the wake of the accident that killed his wife and daughter, and left his sons in the hospital.

As with last week's presidential race, I'd score the vice presidential debate essentially a tie. Biden won on substance and policy detail. Palin won with her Main Streeter and distinctly un-D.C. appeal to undecided voters. (If you've already decided to vote McCain or Obama, she wasn't aiming to convince you when she looked at the camera a la Reagan, trying to hop over the media and appeal directly to voters.)

Despite my pithy punditry here, a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll conducted after the debate found that 51 percent of the respondents said Biden won the debate to 36 percent who said Palin won, while 54 percent found Palin more likable to the 36 percent who found Biden more likable. On the matter of whether they seemed qualified to assume the presidency, 87 percent said Biden was qualified, to 42 percent for Palin.

While writing this post as I was listening to a Boston talk radio show, I heard this intriguing question: Can you imagine what last night's VP debate would've been like had Hillary been there instead of Joe?

Bailout is Greenlit

Despite the pork that's laden throughout the economic bailout package -- a bill both presidential candidates say our country needs lest we return to the Great Depression -- the House of Representatives has passed the $700 billion Wall Street life raft. Let the adventure begin.


Judi H. McLaughlin said...

Had it been Clinton (and why can't people call her by her last name?) vs. Palin, it would have been touted as the Catfight of the Century. Because if we've learned nothing from the events of late it is that backlash knows no party.

Skinny Con Leche' said...

Gosh Darn It Ya'll!!! We've had Jed Clampett in office for eight years, do we really want Ellie May?