Thursday, October 2, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: VP Debate Tonight, 'Rescue/Bailout' and Political Moms

Debate Tonight

It's on. Tonight. 9 p.m. EST. A high-wire act for the VP candidates. I hope, for Biden and Palin's sakes, they both do well. No one likes to see a wretchedly public crash and burn. It's just embarrassing for everyone. After all, this election is about the folks at the top of the tickets, isn't it? All the VP hopefuls have to do is to seem reasonable enough to possibly step in if necessary, which we all hope won't be necessary. I just hope no one asks Palin what newspapers or magazines she reads or whether Biden dodged sniper fire in Iraq. Then it could get ugly.

Rescue, Bailout . . . Tomato, Tomah-to

Notice that D.C. politicians are now calling the proposal to try to avert an economic catastrophe a "rescue" and not a "bailout?" Well the bailout bill that was approved by the Senate last night was loaded with unrelated tax breaks that could potentially prove to be poison pills for those fiscal conservatives in the House who are already skittish about approving a $700 billion life raft. According to the New York Post, pork was added to the bill including $6 million in tax breaks for the makers of kids' wooden arrows, $192 million for Puerto Rican and Virgin Island rum producers, $128 million break for auto racing tracks and money for wool research.

Are they seriously trying to take those wooden arrows and stick them through the heart of a bailout that the country's leading economic experts say we need? Seriously people. Have you no shame? Lawmakers had to be bribed with pork in order to do what's right?

Political Moms
My October column in Parents & Kids offers one last word on the media's handling of Sarah Palin, the working mom, as well as other political moms who are judged differently than their male counterparts.
Image credit: New York Post.

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Paul and Nader v Bailout! said...

Staged "debate" dance now ready for 24/7 consumption -
Bailout Barack Obama w/partner Bailout John McCain.

Full-spectrum media suppression/distortion
target Ralph Nader and Ron Paul.

Your vote is your power,
they fear it, use it.