Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes, It's Election Season

Over the weekend, while doing the New Englandy thing of attending local autumnal events, I saw this jack o'lantern.

I must say, it's certainly an original way of expressing one's support for a presidential candidate.


Manic Mom said...

Hi Meredith, we spoke a long time ago, and sorry I'm leaving a comment on your blog and not to your email. "Refound" you through someone from BlogHer and just wanted to tell you that I feel like I 'know' you from all of the BabyZone articles I edit/add html to these days--I have worked on a ton of your articles lately, and they always give me a laugh! (Just did the one last week on you going away without your kids for the first overnighter!--that was a while ago, huh!??!)

If you ever want to get involved a bit over at, drop me a note. All the best!
Stephanie Elliot

Meredith O'Brien said...

Thanks for commenting Stephanie. It's fantastic to hear from you.

I'll check out your web sites.

Too bad we didn't see one another at BlogHER!