Monday, November 3, 2008

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: 'Mom Vote,' Political DNA and McCain/Fey on SNL

I find it grating when pollsters, in trying to predict what will happen on election day, categorize the "mom vote" as if it's one big monolithic vote. You know, you get pregnant, give birth or adopt a kid and then all them dames vote the same way, right? I find it a tad bit patronizing. I rarely hear folks trying to assess how dads are going to vote . . . because dads don't all vote the same way, just like moms don't all vote in the same way.

It was this snarky position that prompted a reporter from the BBC to seek me out and interview me about the "mom vote" for a radio interview that aired today. My interview is part of a larger BBC report on the U.S. women's vote. You can listen to the interview here.

Meanwhile, this weekend's Boston Globe ran a piece suggesting that at least half of your political inclinations hail from your DNA, saying that liberals and conservatives tend to have different reactions to various situations:

"Our place on the political spectrum -- liberal, conservative, or in between -- is powerfully influenced by genetics, new studies show. In the past year, researchers have demonstrated that the brains of liberals and conservatives are physically and functionally distinctive, suggesting that people on either side of the ideological divide are actually wired differently."

I must say, I'm not buyin' it. My family's all over the map when it comes to parties and candidates.

And, in these waning days of this presidential election, Senator John McCain pulled out all the stops and was very funny when he appeared on SNL this weekend alongside Tina Fey, who was playing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The premise of one of the sketches was that while Senator Barack Obama's campaign had enough money to buy primetime spots on a half-dozen networks this weekend, McCain's campaign could only afford a spot on QVC, but with the condition that he and Palin hawk items. (Link to video is here.)

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