Monday, December 1, 2008

'Grey's' Dizzie Love Story: Yea or Nay?

I'm not so sure what to make of this . . . this ongoing Izzie/Denny thing on Grey's Anatomy. Is the Ghost-like sex between Izzie and her dead fiance a symptom of Izzie's mental illness or unprocessed grief? Is it supposed to be a real supernatural encounter?

Whatever it is, it's creeping me out, particularly the recent scene where audible moans were coming from Izzie's bedroom when she was having "sex" with "Denny."

The "Dizzie" storyline is turning out to be very controversial and, according to Entertainment Weekly, is inspiring some Grey's backlash, particularly in light of the announcement from show creator Shonda Rhimes that Denny's appearance to Izzie -- and only Izzie -- is not indicative of a brain tumor.

"In a preposterous new low, her once-popular character, Izzie Stevens, is sleeping with her dead lover, Denny — as in, actual carnal relations with a spirit — and now, we've learned, ABC is audience-testing a love story between the two," Entertainment Weekly reported.

Commenters on had mixed responses to the story.

One pro-Dizzie advocate wrote, "i love denny - the storyline seems a little weird, but i trust the show to make it payoff in the end and i like seeing those two actors work together."

An anti-Dizzie commenter responded by saying:

"Just when GA was getting its groove back with a great blend of humor and drama and the addition of the fantastic Dr. Hunt for Christina, the writers mess it up with Denny's return. He's dead, Izzie got over it, now let's please move on! It made sense for her to feel guilty about the guy whose heart she stole for Denny, but that should have been the end of it. GA used to be quirky but grounded in reality; now, it's just going off the deep end. The only way to clean up this mess is to reveal that Izzie had a psychotic break from reality and then show her struggle with her sanity in the psych ward."

Over on the official blog for Grey's Anatomy's writers, called Grey Matter, writer Joan Rater tried to explain the time Izzie spent "in bed" with "Denny:"

"Tonight why can’t [Izzie] just let miracles happen, turn off her scientist brain and just be in that moment, the two of them, finally alone together? And by the way, I don’t think she thinks it’s cheating on Alex. I really don’t. Because Denny’s dead. Whatever this is, whatever he is, Izzie knows this isn’t real, she KNOWS that, but it feels real and she just . . . closes her eyes and, you heard the sounds coming from the room, as Meredith said, it sounded kinda porny, so whatever’s going on with the dead guy, the sex is good at least."

What do you think, thumbs up or thumbs down on the Dizzie development?

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