Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Weekend: 'Bedtime Stories' and Catching Up on 'Lost'

Been in holiday hell for the past week, thus, no blogging in this space:

Lost too much time trying to load up The Spouse's Christmas gift (iPod Nano) with iTunes as well as songs from the CDs we have in the house that we haven't listened to since the first George Bush was in office. Looking at the Reality Bites and Friends soundtracks was a trip down Memory Lane, I tell ya.

Played happy homemaker (key word played) by baking a ton of cookies, including the batch of peanut butter/chocolate kiss cookies into which I realized, as they were cooking, I'd neglected to add baking soda. (The non-baking soda cookies were like little rocks.)

Attempted to wrap gifts while keeping my sick 10-year-old girl (who had a bad pre-Christmas cold) at bay so she wouldn't get an advanced preview of the gifts.

Lightly prepped the house for my parents' two-night stay. Made dishes for our family's traditional Christmas Eve dinner at my brother's house, then, with The Spouse, made Christmas dinner for parents and brother's family.

Once Christmas concluded -- I always feel a giant letdown after Christmas -- The Spouse and I took the three kiddos to the movies to see Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, which also featured the luminous Keri Russell. The kids had been dying to see this film since they saw the trailer this past autumn when we went to see High School Musical 4047, The Pepto-Bismol Years and were hooked.

It was typical Sandler fare: Harmless, mildly funny and sweet at times. The two older kids laughed aloud more than once and were particularly fond of the pointless, big-eyed guinea pig named Bugsy, which had essentially no relevance beyond making the kids chuckle. However at several points during the film, our 7-year-old was confused about what was happening and The Spouse attempted to fill him in. It was never really explained, for example, why Adam Sandler's niece and nephew suddenly possessed the power to tell stories about their uncle that would, in some form, later come magically true, such as Sandler getting caught in a hail of gumballs or talking in alien-like gibberish. But hey, it's a family-oriented Sandler comedy, I wasn't expecting a Mad Men-esque tight production.

Once the kids got their movie fix, I got my DVD fix by cracking open the season four Lost DVD set The Spouse gave me for Christmas and watched an embarrassing number of episodes back-to-back (suffice is to say that I'm almost through season four). While watching the episodes, which I'd only viewed once during the truncated fourth season, it's amazing how much I've forgotten, including little details I'd missed this past spring.

Watching the eppies is good preparation for the fifth season's premiere on January 21. Speaking of which . . . ABC has uploaded another new sneak peek of the Lost season premiere online, complete with references to John Locke, last seen in a coffin in Los Angeles by a bearded Jack Shephard.

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