Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost: Namaste Indeed

So let me get this straight:

It's 1977 for the following Lost characters: Sawyer . . . 'scuse me . . . Mister LaFleur, Jin, Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Miles, Juliet and Dan Faraday, wherever he is.

It's an indeterminate year for: Dead-not-dead-resurrected-Jesus-figure formerly known as Locke, Ben, Sun, Lapidus and the other people who had the misfortune of being on the Oceanic 6's flight. (Jeff Jenson from Entertainment Weekly says these folks are in 2007, though I remain unconvinced that that's been clearly established.)

The obvious outstanding question is: Why? Why were the castaways -- those who got off the island and returned, as well as those who stayed behind -- separated by time, and is there any chance of them meeting up with one another at their current biological ages (or will we see Sun and Jin reunite in the future and do a Benjamin Button thing where one has aged and the other hasn't)?

After reading a couple of reader comments from USA Today's excellent blog Pop Candy's Lost thread, someone floated an interesting, but flawed theory: Maybe Ben Linus cannot return to the island because he's ALREADY on the island, only as a child, the bespeckled boy who gave Sayid the condiment-free sandwich. But that wouldn't explain why Locke, Sun and Lapidas wouldn't flash off the airplane and into the groovy year of 1977 like their Jack & Co. friends did.

Also, there's Christian. Or should we call him Jacob? Or the scary, killer black smoke/mist stuff? Or Jack's dad? Or dead-not-dead(?) Claire's dad? Or all of the above? What to make of him, the man who guided Locke into turning the island's wheel of time?

A couple of other observations from the last episode of Lost:

-- If there's anyone out there who thinks that Jack Shephard is going to sit back and be content to be "Jack, Workman" and clean toilets while Saw. . . Mr. LaFleur runs security and tells the doc what to do, I've got some shares of AIG to sell them. The mano-a-mano Jack-Sawyer blow out is coming. Sanctimonious Jack can't help himself.

-- And I so do not want the writers to go THERE and have Kate and Juliet battle over the greasy-haired Sawyer. That's too Gossip Girl for me.

-- Okay, the Oceanic 6 had to return to the island in order to save those friends they left behind, or so said the church lady, Eloise Hawking. Those who were left behind were "saved" from moving aimless about in time when Locke fixed the wheel thingie in the Orchid Station. So what kind of "saving" does the Oceanic 6 need to do? Preventing the Dharma Initiative purge which elevated bug-eyed Ben to King of The Others?

-- One other thing mentioned by a Pop Candy commenter: Where the heck are Bernard and Rose?

Your thoughts on the latest Lost?

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selfmademom said...

I'm so with you on the love triangle scenario. and it doesn't explain how kate was so in love with Jack back on the mainland. although I do feel that kate and sawyer are rebels meant for each other.

Meredith said...

I don't think Kate knows what she wants. And I don't think, in some ways, she thinks she deserves love. Remember the flashbacks last season (I think it was last season, though I'm not positive) when we learned that Kate had been married while she was on the run from the law and that her husband was killed? That resonated with me because I think that it scarred her. That being said, I don't want to see her thinking, "Jack-Sawyer-Jack-Sawyer. . . which one?"

But, if you notice, Jack doesn't seem to be having substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. (Remember he drank and took drugs constantly after he became obsessed with going back to the island.) Since there are no drugs and only Dharma beer, maybe Jack'll clean up his act and get back with Kate. Who knows. . .