Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'thirtysomething' Coming to DVD in Late August, FINALLY!

For years I've been complaining. In columns. On blogs for various web sites (including this one). Why, oh why, hadn't the award-winning drama thirtysomething come to DVD yet?

On a pop culture blog I used to have, each week when the new DVDs were released I'd viciously mock what crappy, mindless garbage were being put up for sale while thirtysomething remained on the Buena Vista Home Entertainment shelves gathering dust.

When thirtysomething first aired, I was a college student, obviously not in the show's demographic. By the time I finally became a thirtysomething myself, as well as a mom, I really wanted to watch it from my new perspective. Yet it was never released.

Instead, to get my thirtysomething fix -- to watch how Hope handled her angst about being a work-from-home writer (as I am), how Michael climbed the corporate ladder after his company went bankrupt, how they dealt with Hope's miscarriage and the challenges in their interfaith marriage, how Elliot and Nancy separated and then reunited and battled Nancy's cancer -- I've had to go to YouTube where, several months ago, one (or more) thirtysomething fan(s) uploaded episodes into five part-installments.

I've been able to watch some of low-quality versions of the episodes and, aside from rolling my eyes at the late 80s/early 90s duds (the shoulder pads!), I've found the issues explored in thirtysomething remain relevant.

Now, less than a month after leaving my thirties, I read in the Los Angeles Times that my wait is about to end. The first season of thirtysomething will be released on August 25, the Times said, and there will be a delay of six months between the release of the other three seasons. (I never did see the fourth season as I was working at my university's student newspaper on the nights when thirtysomething aired and never got around to taping the show on my VHS tapes, so I'm anxious to see how it ended.)

If only the final season of the other genius Herskovitz/Zwick series -- Once and Again with the amazing Sela Ward -- would be released. One battle at a time I guess.

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Angela said...

I watched thirtysomething when it was on in my early twenties and watched it religiously, but couldn't say that I really loved it. I always felt that they should leave their teenage angst in their teenage years. I would probably get more out of it now that I'm in my forties. And to your comment about less than a month from leaving your thirties? Happy belated birthday and welcome to the club.