Monday, May 11, 2009

Finale Madness: House, Lost, Grey's, The Office, 30 Rock, Housewives, 24

It's a bit too much for one eight day period -- including one in which the home town hoop team is in the playoffs, and there's baseball on -- all these season finales at once. And you know that if you don't watch the finales on time (even in the DVR/TiVo era) you're likely to get something spoiled or you might stumble upon something accidentally on the internet.

If you don't want to miss some of the big finales and/or need to set the DVR, here are a few of note coming up over the next week:

House, Monday, Fox. Huddy. The combo of House and Cuddy. Doesn't exactly seem like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. One with power plays, resentment, lack of communication and co-dependency: Yes. Loving commitment: No. Huddy aside, I'm wondering if House has been suffering from Izzie Stevens syndrome, only the deceased person he's been hallucinating wasn't his one-time fiance, but his buddy's gal. Hmmm.

Lost, Wednesday, ABC. The big kahuna of all finales. Two-hour extravaganza. Jack. With an H-bomb. Threatening to blow up what in the future will become the Hatch. Kate not supporting Jack (again). Sawyer/LaFleur in another love triangle. Locke setting out to murder a mysterious character (who may or may not be among the living). I know that my expectations are way out of proportion with what the writers can possibly deliver, but, seeing that it's Lost, I simply don't care. Hope I'm not bitterly disappointed on Wednesday night.

Grey's Anatomy, Thursday, ABC. Yes, I was tearing up at the Izzie-Alex wedding switcheroo, particularly Alex's beautiful vows. ("Today I become a man. Today I become a husband . . . Today I become accountable to you, to our future.") After five seasons of this wildly uneven though always entertaining show, I'm planning on having a big tissue box next to me when I watch the finale. I'll also be crossing my fingers that there will be no more sick/dying/dead children. I've had plenty this season, thank you very much. If you believe the rumors, George O'Malley may or may not be leaving Seattle Grace. Izzie may or may not be dying/losing her memory post-surgery. We shall see. They've reserved two hours.

The Office, Thursday, NBC. Other than me continuing to miss the oddball nature of the Michael Scott Company. I have no earthly idea what'll happen. Maybe an explosion at Dwight's beet farm?

30 Rock, Thursday, NBC. Liz. Jack. Jenna. Tracy. Kenneth. It'll be a long, laughless, special guest star-less summer without them. The finale promises Donaghy daddy issues with guest star Alan Alda. Kidney anyone?

Desperate Housewives, Sunday, ABC. Let's hope Dave Williams goes bye-bye, Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino stop teasing us (and leading on clueless Katherine Mayfair) and that the Scavos get some decent material. Maybe Bree will decide to go into the burglary biz, as long as she stops renting storage units under her own name in which to house her ill-gotten-gains.

24, NEXT Monday, Fox. Jack Bauer's latest bad day comes to a close next Monday in a two-hour extravaganza. Maybe Jack will finish off the bad guys with a fierce headbutt . . . no wait, that's Kiefer Sutherland, the actor who plays Jack, and unsuspecting fashion designers. Maybe Sutherland just got confused and THOUGHT he was Jack and that the designer was really Tony Almeida in disguise.

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