Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Rescue Me:' Darkness, Descending

This season's Rescue Me on FX has gone back to where it all began: 9/11. Or, more precisely, to, what Denis Leary's character Tommy Gavin this week dubbed, "What happens after."

What has lured me to the show again, after having left it for a few seasons, was this very development, its revisiting of the festering wound that hasn't yet fully healed. A French journalist working on a 9/11 book is serving as a catalyst who's rekindling nightmares anew as dramatized in the person of Tommy. Even after his son has been killed, his marriage has withered, his father has died, his resistance to alcohol has faltered (again), Tommy continues to willingly face the killer flames of fires to save people all across the city -- to rescue complete strangers -- but hasn't made peace with the ghosts of 9/11 who continue to haunt him.

While last week's episode wasn't as emotionally heavy as this week's (Sean Garrity's secret cancer diagnoses notwithstanding; Janet confronting the mean middle aged moms was fabulous, by the way), this week's installment has drawn viewers literally into Tommy's darkness with him, where the ghosts of his past taunt him, call him a coward for what he did or didn't do on that historic, horrific day. How his climbing back into bottle and facing his dead relatives is going to play out, I surely don't know, but it's been damned riveting this far.

Image credit: FX via the Charlotte Observer.


Anonymous said...

Most people don't know how close to reality the "show" portays. There are severe problems within any FD. Most are covered because we're "brothers". The others are hidden because those may be afraid of what they are actually dealing with. That's where I come in. Alienated. Afraid. Embarassed. Whatever? I would give my life for anyone I work with, anyone who is is need and above all my family. As much as people may praise, and/or criticize the FD, we are regular people, with regular families, with regular problems, expected to do a job not many people could not do. We want to go home to our families, and play with our kids when our shift is over. That's my JOB! I have issues. We all do, admit it or not. I don't handle mine the way I probably should, but that's the way I was "raised". Kudos to the producers that portray the other side of "hero".

simon said...

Its reality tv show.Its about 9/11 attack. That attack was very dangerous. Peoples cannot forget that. When i think about that attack, i really feel afraid very much. Rescue me Tv show is a drama which helps peoples to forget that attack.