Monday, June 1, 2009

'Mad Men' Season 3 Promo: No New Scenes, But Plenty of Drama

August seems like such a long way away to wait for my Don Draper/Jon Hamm fix . . .

AMC is out with a new Mad Men season three promo which doesn't use any new scenes -- they're from the sophomore season -- but it's plenty good to remind us of how gripping this show can be. (Link to the "We All Get a Little Mad Sometimes" video here.)

I just watched the season two finale again the other night when it repeated on AMC (and saw this promo for the first time) and the episode, "Meditations in an Emergency," still takes my breath away.

New episodes don't start until August. AMC hasn't provided a specific date yet. The web site still says, "August 2009."

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