Monday, July 27, 2009

'Lost' Creators Give Fans Some Love at Weekend's Comic Con

"Lost exists because of you and for you." -- Damon Lindelof, Lost creator/writer/producer.

I'd never imagine that I'd ever be interested in anything that happens at the Comic Con. Sure, I've liked sci-fi in the past. As a kid I loved all things Star Wars. I've previously written about my shameless fandom for the action/sci-fi-ish J.J. Abrams show Alias, completely getting into the whole Rambaldi <0> thing.

However when Lost first came along, I initially said I didn't want to watch some TV show that I thought was just about a plane crash and polar bears in the jungle. It didn't sound appealing. Then a friend who has exquisite pop culture taste -- we'd bonded over epic discussions about Alias and 24 -- told me to watch Lost. I would love it, she promised. After hearing me ponder my friend Stacey's recommendations, The Spouse eventually bought me the first season DVD collection. Then, as they say, I was hooked.

While I wouldn't put myself in the obsessed fan category -- defined as someone who spends hours upon hours pouring over the minutia of everything in the show, knowing every episodes' details by heart . . . which means some die-hards would say I'm not really a fan . . . whatever -- I'm more into the meta-stories, the character development and the intriguing religious and political theory threads running through the episodes. I find all these things fascinating and would gamefully discuss them at length over a beer. That being said, it would've been interesting to have attended the Lost panel at Comic Con in San Diego over the weekend where the show's creators paid tribute to Lost fans and dropped a few pseudo-spoilerish tidbits, or red herrings as the case may be.

This is the first part of the Lost session, via YouTube:

Here's Part 2, which DOESN'T contain images painted on black velvet but does contain info about Daniel Faraday, who'll be in the sixth season. In this panel segment, Lost creator/writer/producer Carlton Cuse likened each TV season to a book, similar to a Harry Potter-esque installment in a series. I really liked the fact that in this segment, Jorge Garcia was, once again, the voice of the audience, asking, in a terribly tongue-in-cheek fashion, whether all the questions raised in the show will be answered:

Part 3 of the panel featured Cuse promising we'll get the backstory for Richard Alpert in the final season, confirming that Juliet will appear again (though he didn't say in what form), and adding that we won't be seeing a whole lot more about the Dharma Initiative.

Part 4:

During the panel, they also ran two faux ads, teasing the viewers about whether the bomb blast REALLY re-set things on the island, thus preventing Oceanic 815 from ever crashing. Who knows what it really means and whether it's just trying to deceive us.

What did you think Lost fans? Are they raising the expectations too high for the final season, or does this just make you yearn for "early 2010?"

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