Friday, July 3, 2009

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Jon Stewart's Advice to SC Governor

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

There's a reason that's a cliche Governor Sanford. And, as a married father of four boys, it's one you should've heeded some time ago before your name evoked tsking and dark humor from coast to coast.

First you disappeared and the cable news networks became like animated milk cartons, bearing your likeness, age and the location where you were last seen. There were reports from your office saying you were hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Then, lo and behold, when a reporter found you at an Atlanta airport and you lied about what you'd been doing. Eventually the world learned that you'd been in Argentina to visit your lover.

At this point, it would've been wise to be quiet.

But you didn't. You gave a teary press conference. E-mails exchanged between you and your lover emerged. Amid the chaos, you then agreed to give an AP interview this week where you talked about "almost" crossing the line with other women and how your lover is a "soul mate." News stories have been published saying that you visited your girlfriend more times than you initially admitted.

If Sanford, once considered a potential GOP presidential candidate, has any political advis0rs left, my best guess is that they're headed for Wasilla where their job would seem easy by comparison.

Jon Stewart, among other commentators, had an amusing take on Sanford's inability to keep his mouth shut.

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sexinsuburbs said...

Ah, Jon Stewart. He makes living in the suburbs that much more bearable. Hilarious, as always.