Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artist Dyna Moe Starts Illustrating New 'Mad Men' Season

If you were following this blog last year during Mad Men's second season, you no doubt read my heaps of praise for the genius of Dyna Moe, an illustrator who created quirky interpretations of the AMC drama and posted them on Flickr.

Remember all those Mad Men avatars on Facebook and Twitter that AMC heavily promoted, where you could "Mad Men Yourself" a few weeks ago? Those were Dyna Moe's work.

Well she's now started providing images inspired by season three -- which started Sunday night -- and has created, "What the Bellhop Saw" of Don and the stewardess spotted in the hotel hallway by the bellhop, whom we all know was on his way to Sal's room.

I'm looking forward to a new batch of Dyna Moe images. Can't wait to see her interpretation of a pregnant Betty Draper.

Image credit: Dyna Moe/Nobody's Sweetheart.

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