Monday, August 24, 2009

'thirtysomething' DVD Out Tuesday, Plus Cast Reunion on GMA


For those of you who've been waiting so long.

It will arrive in stores on Tuesday.

The first of four seasons of thirtysomething on DVD.

Huzzah! Time to get your Michael and Hope Steadman fix and count how many times Melissa wears a lone earring and her numbers coat.

My celebration and dissection of the season one episodes plus the DVD extras is the subject of my Pop Culture column this week. The interviews and audio commentaries on the DVDs are good, as are the random bits of trivia I gleaned from them, for example, did you know that ABC execs initially hated the name, thirtysomething and wanted to instead go with the name Grown-Ups?

Also, don't miss the thirtysomething gang reunion on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

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