Wednesday, September 23, 2009

After Getting Its Second Emmy, AMC's Trying to Lure New Fans to 'Mad Men'

On the heels of its back-to-back best dramatic show on television Emmy win, AMC has decided to try to lure new fans to Mad Men as it's about halfway through the third season.

One way to pull in some new eyeballs is to have a season three marathon which the network has slated for this Sunday, September 27 starting at 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. (See the AMC schedule here.)

Another is to produce a video explaining the "story thus far," kind of like a CliffsNotes for the entire Mad Men series.

It makes for an interesting parlor game to examine which clips the show's creators decided to use in this nearly five-minute summary. The video starts off with scenes from Don's affair with the odious Bobbie Barrett, Peggy's affair with Pete, the birth/adoption of Peggy and Pete's baby, Peggy's confession to Pete and Betty kicking Don out of the house and letting him return. Roger's infidelity and subsequent marriage to Don's secretary was also touched on briefly, as was the British invasion of Sterling Cooper. The remainder of the third season episodes, including the death of Grandpa Gene and the birth of Baby Gene (though not Sally's reaction to all of this), made the cut.

After watching it, do you think the video offers any clues to what might unfold in future episodes, especially given that it included the scene of the man who works in the New York governor's office openly flirting with a very pregnant belly?

Image credit: Dyna Moe/Nobody's Sweetheart.

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