Monday, September 14, 2009

‘Army Wives’ Monday: Need to Know Basis

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Army Wives*

Pamela tried to help her injured, secretive husband. Trevor and Roxy talked about a new baby. Claudia Joy struggled with diabetes. Joan was getting ready to deploy. And Denise was in paramedic training.

Pamela & Her Secretive Husband

After the last episode where Pamela had to be an unrelenting pest in order for the Army brass to let her know that her husband was alive, albeit hospitalized, she tried to apply that same determination to her husband Chase to get him to tell her what really happened to him. When Pamela noticed burns on his back and started inquiring about his internal lacerations, she said it seemed like he’d been tortured.

“I’m your wife, I need to know the truth,” Pamela said.

“I did tell you Pam,” Chase said unconvincingly after telling her she was overreacting. “It was a helicopter crash.” He doesn’t strike me as a forthcoming kind of character, so my guess is that Pamela will have to apply massive pressure in order to learn the truth. If Chase doesn’t capitulate, seeing that Pamela’s as hard-headed as he is, there’s likely to be a standoff.

Trevor & Roxy & a Baby

Trevor found birth control pills in the medicine cabinet and was none too pleased about it. He’d thought, since he wasn’t going to be deployed overseas – he’s now a local recruiter – that they’d try to have a baby. And while Roxy said that maybe she did make that agreement, she wasn’t sure about it now. “I don’t want things to change,” she told Pamela, saying she didn’t know what would happen in their family of four if a baby were thrown into the mix. But upon seeing Trevor reading aloud to the boys while cuddling then and being an overall standout dad, Roxy tossed the pills in the trash. You just knew she'd do that, didn't you?

Claudia Joy & Diabetes

It took a young female hockey player who was relatively nonchalant about her diabetes, at ease and so down-to-earth about it, to make Claudia Joy feel more at ease with her own condition. Up until then, Claudia Joy had been hiding it, acting as though it was something about which to be ashamed.

Earlier in the episode she’d rebuffed Michael and Emmalin’s attempts to make her transition easier by picking out a “nice” Medical Alert Bracelet for her. Over dinner one night, Emmalin asked her about whether she’d done her testing that day and Claudia Joy got testy, retreated to her room, later telling Michael, “You have to let me just be sad.”

Running into the teenaged girl who didn’t let diabetes stop her from playing ice hockey was just the confidence boost Claudia Joy needed.

Joan & Deployment

Joan helped a teenaged girl put her life on an Army track – impressing her with the authority she wielded and by the number of people in her command – just when she learned she’d only have one week before being deployed abroad and leaving her baby girl behind. She learned the news while she was holding Sarah Elizabeth in the rocking chair and singing her a lullaby. Do you think the writers are really going to send Joan packing?

Denise & Paramedic Training

It was fabulous to see Denise getting back to her medical career after the affair-induced hiatus. Being a paramedic seemed perfect for her, especially when she was practicing on Frank and they got all sugary sweet and kissy. You just knew that something bad was going to happen . . . like Jeremy losing his best buddy to sniper fire in Iraq. Jeremy already had some emotional problems dating back a ways. Who knows what impact this death will have on him.

What’d you think of “Need to Know Basis?”

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