Monday, September 28, 2009

‘Army Wives’ Monday: Shrapnel and Alibis

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Army Wives.*
Pamela and Chase fought. Roland didn’t tell the now-deployed Joan that Sarah Elizabeth was in the hospital with pneumonia. Roxy and Trevor clashed over his work.

Pamela and Chase Fought

So about this “helicopter mishap,” as Chase likes to call it, Chase isn’t going to tell Pamela what happened when he was captured and tortured after the chopper crashed. He just wants to slap some whitewash on everything – the scars down his back, the bruises, the broken bones, the crutches he needs to use – and tell his wife that everything’s fine and he doesn’t need her help.

In the meantime, he’s lying to her about where he’s going at night with his buddies and skipping out on family time, leaving his wife with all the responsibility. And Pamela, the former cop who once lectured Army wives on her old radio show about having to come to terms with the fact that the Army comes first in their spouses’ lives, blew her top:

“You come home, something terrible happens to you and you lie to me about it and then you act like it’s nothing. I don’t know what to do with that. Then you’re goin’ on about Delta being the best of the best . . . It’s freaking me out because I think you like it like that. You can’t tell the little woman anything because she’s not in the big boys’ club. I’m your wife, Chase, and you actually think that I wouldn’t understand.”

When Pamela caught him in a lie, Chase never apologized for it, just pushed the blame back onto Pamela (a la Don Draper) because she had the nerve to ask questions. Apparently a wife asking a husband what’s wrong with him is considered obtrusive and controlling.

Roland Kept Mum About Sick Baby

Was it wrong for Roland to not tell the newly-deployed Joan that their baby daughter came down with a 105 temperature and had to be rushed to the hospital? Should he have told Joan that Sarah Elizabeth was kept overnight in the hospital after she was diagnosed with pneumonia?

Michael thought Roland should’ve kept Joan in the loop and was shocked when Claudia Joy told him that he hadn’t. “We have the right to protect our soldiers from distractions,” Claudia Joy said, telling him that that’s what the left-behind spouses do, withhold information which’ll just worry the soldier.

How could Roland tell Joan, knowing how hard it was for Joan to leave her “little angel?” I think that Roland made the right choice. He’s going to have to get used to doing a whole heck of a lot more of this independent parenting decision-making, without checking in with Joan.

Roxy and Trevor Clashed Over Work

Yes, Roxy knows she should feel lucky that Trevor’s working stateside trying to find new Army recruits and that he’s not over in Iraq, getting shot at. But his new job isn’t always as family friendly as she thought it would be.

Trevor had to repeatedly miss out on family events and -- unlike with Chase who did so because he wanted to go hang with his Delta buddies – Trevor did so to help a new, promising recruit overcome a large number of obstacles, like having to take care of her niece and nephew when her sister, their mother, ODed. After he got her through the enlistment process, Trevor got his first taste of recruiting success. But if he keeps getting so personally involved in all his recruits, Roxy will start to grow tired of the recruiting business.

What’d you think of “Shrapnel and Alibis?”

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