Thursday, October 29, 2009

'24' Promo Featuring Jack 'Call Me Grandpa' Bauer Coming Out of 'Retirement'

The promo for the eighth season of 24 -- which starts January 17 -- features a nicely recovered Jack Bauer (out of the morphine-induced coma he was in at the end of season seven after the effects of the chemicals in a bioweapon became too much for him to bear) with his cute-as-a-button granddaughter. She calls him "Jack." He asks her to call him "Grandpa."

Later in the trailer, Jack grumbles something about having "retired" from government service, even though we see shots of him racing around shouting at people and, once again, protecting the U.S. president and the entire country from certain doom.

Retirement, "grandpa," what is this, the AARP version of 24?

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Working Mom said...

I nominate Jack Bauer as Sexiest Grandpa!