Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cake Wrecks: A Must-See Comedic Blog

While reading this morning's New York Times, I decided to look at the Dining section which is always an ironic thing for me to do since my three children have transformed the word "dining" into an ironic one, at least in our home. Their idea of "dining" consists of one of two things: Stuffing as much food into their mouths as quickly as they can and leaving the kitchen table in five minutes or less, OR making disgusted looking faces and telling me that my pathetic culinary offerings have sapped their collective will to live.

Nonetheless, I forged ahead and perused the Dining section. And I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have come across this article about a delightful web site called Cake Wrecks, which runs reader-submitted photos of professional cakes and confections which, shall we say, are amazingly horrific. There are misspellings galore. (I never knew the words "birthday" and "Daddy" had so many spelling variations.) Decorating directions are written onto the cakes in frosting instead of implemented, such as "Congratulation, As small As Possible" or a cake that says, "Nothing" when the instruction was to put no wording on the cake.

Examples of this, courtesy of the Cake Wrecks web site, include: The first photo above where the customer had requested a 3-D ocean cake, the second cake which contained directions regarding the top of the cake and the fruit garnish and the one below where the request was simply to have the word, "Welcome" on the cake.

If you're having a cruddy day, take the time to look through the blog's many pages and I guarantee you'll laugh out loud at least once. Me, I had to grab a box of tissues I was laughing so hard.

Image credits: Cake Wrecks.

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Boston Mamas said...

That's awesome. I actually have recently found comfort in Food Network cake challenges and I can't help but laugh when a disaster strikes. It's just pleasantly human! -Christine