Friday, October 2, 2009

Suburban Mom's Political Fix: Response to FunnyOrDie Pro-Health Care Reform Video

Remember the recent video favoring a public option in the health care insurance reform debate? The sarcastic one that featured Will Farrell, Mad Men's Jon Hamm and House's Olivia Wilde, among other celebs? The one that mocked "overpaid" health insurance executives who they said would have to give up some of their profits (which would cut into their funds for mini-zoos in their backyards) in order to pay for a government-financed health insurance option?

Well now FunnyOrDie is being politically even-handed in running a response video entitled, "Listen to Overpaid Celebrities" which spoofs the original video and sarcastically asserts reasons why a public option could be harmful to American taxpayers.

Between these two videos (see the original Farrell one below) do you think they're helping illuminate any points in this health care debate or just muddying the issue?

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