Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Still Reveling in Afterglow of 'Mad Men's' Finale

*Warning all you procrastinator Mad Men fans. This entry contains spoilers from the finale. Watch it already will ya?*

I remain blown away by Mad Men's season three finale, "Shut the Door. Have a Seat," as do many critics and bloggers who've gone ga-ga over the hour of goodness that was both fun and exciting (had a bit of that madcap caper feeling), as well as occasionally leaden heavy with elements that made the heart ache.

As I continue to absorb and contemplate the re-booted Mad Men -- Don'll be single (if everything goes as Betty hopes while she's in Reno), he'll be working for an upstart new company, Peggy's asserted herself as being on equal footing with the men, Betty'll be married to a politician -- here are some cool Mad Men items I've found while surfing around them there internets:

Don Draper's 10 Tips on Succeeding in Business: A GateHouse News Service writer has a great column where he says that everything you need to know about how to be a successful businessman, you can learn while watching Don Draper. Tip number eight: "If you call a subordinate into your office to be fired, don't invite them to sit. It's easier to absorb a blow standing up, and they'll appreciate that you didn't lull them into a false sense of security."

Joan Holloway Harris Paper Doll: Mad Men-obsessed illustrator Dyna Moe has released her new Joan Holloway Harris (I hope she dumps the hubs and becomes Holloway again) paper dolls. Among the items you can dress Joan in include the green dress with random blood splatterings from the unfortunate incident with the riding mower. I'm anxiously awaiting Dyna Moe's illustration for the season finale. There's so much to choose from.

Everything Don Ever Said: A blogger who runs the site Unlikely Words has taken an extraordinary amount of time and claims to have chronicled every word that's ever come out of Don Draper's mouth. And he's put it under the heading, "Everything Don Draper Said," and it's organized by season and episode. Now I can't vouch for whether the blogger's captured every single utterance -- I haven't fact-checked him or anything -- but while scrolling through it it looks mighty comprehensive to me.

Which Characters' Futures Are Uncertain? TV Squad writer Joel Keller wondered about how much we'll see of Sal Romano, Betty (once she divorces Don) and others in season four.

Cast Discusses Finale: AMC's Mad Men web site has posted a video which includes interviews with the cast -- mostly Jon Hamm and January Jones, as well as show mastermind Matt Weiner:

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