Monday, December 14, 2009

ABC Releases New 'Lost' Promos for Final Season, Highlights Romance

"I had her. And I lost her." -- Jack Shephard

"Soldier of Love."

Seriously. That's the title of the new Lost promo that ABC has released to promote the sixth season premiere on February 2. The video emphasizes the Lost love stories. Jack and Kate. Kate and Sawyer. Sawyer and Juliet. Charlie and Claire. Sun and Jin. Makes ya kind of sad given what we last saw of Juliet in the closing moments of the season five finale.

For those who aren't so thrilled with the romantic angle, there's the Amazing Grace promo that was also released by ABC:

Or you could just go with an old school promo, with grand, dramatic music in the background and the important-sounding voice-over:

Watching these promos provides me with a solid distraction from the fact that there's still a gaping hole in my week that goes unfilled by Don Draper & Co. Sunday nights aren't the same. However once Lost is back with new, mind-boggling episodes in February, the week will seem all the better.

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