Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trailer for 'Sex and the City 2,' Sadly, Bores Me

When I saw the trailer for the first Sex and the City movie last year, I was intrigued, and very, very interested. Couldn't wait to see the film. I entered the date of the movie's premiere in my Blackberry.

Would Carrie and Mr. Big actually wed? Did Charlotte adopt the baby and then get pregnant? Did Steve actually cheat on Miranda? What was all this talk about happy, fairy tale endings not working out and what did that mean in Carrie World? These were all questions to which I wanted answers.

But after seeing the just-released Sex and the City 2 trailer (originally saw the news on the Huffington Post), it felt so, what's a good description for it . . . same-old, same-old, with the exception of the scene with the foursome walking in the desert. This time, it seemed as though this second installment -- if you go by the trailer -- just didn't have the allure of the first film.

And I couldn't help but wonder . . . has this Carrie-centric franchise worn itself out?

Compare the new trailer below, to the trailer for the first movie and you tell me.

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