Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conan-Leno Late Night Skirmish Bringing Out Best of Comedy

Man, has Conan O’Brien been razor-sharp since the release of his well-received statement to “People of Earth.” He’s a guy with nothing to lose . . . which is amplifying his risk-taking humor. And that’s a good thing.

His monologue on the Tonight Show yesterday – with its direct hit to Jay Leno and the bit about the Winter Olympics -- was positively Jon Stewartesque, just the right combination of smart, mean and amusing (because he’s right). Maybe all networks should threaten their comedians with demotions. It might make ‘em funnier. Take a look at excerpts from the monologue below, via MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Meanwhile, over on ABC, late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel eviscerated Leno by doing an entire show while dressed as Leno. His satire of Leno’s Headlines shtick was such perfection that I almost felt badly for Leno. Almost. But not really.

Be sure to check out the New York Times piece imbroglio; it’s well worth the read. Best quote came from a columnist from Advertising Age who said people are siding with Conan “because he’s suddenly become an unlikely (Harvard-educated, multimillionaire) Everyman: the freckled face of American job insecurity, a well-meaning hard worker who spent years paying his dues but has now been declared redundant by the halfwit overlords driving his company into the ground.”

Team Conan.

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