Monday, January 25, 2010

Did Ya See 'Big Love'? Seriously . . .

* Warning . . . really big spoilers from the recent episode of Big Love ahead*

That ending with Margene and Ben, her kissing him at the TV studio, the live TV camera shot of his stunned face as he was announced as "Mr. Margene Heffman." Well, in the words of the Henricksons, "Holy cow!" or, perhaps I'll invoke another one of their favorite exclamations, "Good night!"

After last season's declaration of Ben's love and desire for his step-mom Margene -- which she rebuffed out of hand during that family road trip from hell -- I thought that would be the end of the whole Ben-Margie flirtation. There was a bit of the flirtation way back in season one, when the two of them had a water fight in the pool and with the hose and Ben was staying over at her house and hanging around a lot. That all ended when Barb intervened and told Margie that Margie's behavior was inappropriate.

In the meantime, I've been waiting for Margie to act out in some fashion given that she has no friends, her two sister-wives are too preoccupied with other things and her husband's busy chasing down people to support his State Senate campaign. She has no one to talk to and was vulnerable. Remember the depression that plagued her at the end of last season after her mother died? That didn't just evaporate. And here she is, enjoying the most financial and career success of her life, and she's got no one to support her, cheer her on and say, "You go girl!"

Couple that with the fact that when she was physically threatened by Nicki's ex-husband J.J. -- when he pushed her aside and behaved menacingly -- it wasn't her husband or her sister-wives who rallied by her side, it was Ben who put himself between J.J. and Margie, and you've got a recipe for all sorts of drama.

Looking at those factors, it isn't totally shocking that this happened, that Margie stepped over that line as she reached out for an emotional connection with someone (and he happened to be there), although the way in which it happened, in public and with a TV camera, was jaw-dropping.

HBO hosts Margene's blog on its show's web site and on it the character said, in a post entitled, "I Messed Up. . .:"

"This all looks SO bad, I have to find a way to get them to understand the situation beyond the basic facts. The basic facts will make people's toes curl, mine included. But I promise it's not as world-ending as it sounds. It doesn't have to be, at least."

What did you think of the Margene/Ben twist on Big Love?

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