Wednesday, January 6, 2010

'Lost:' All Five Seasons in 8 Minutes 15 Seconds

Feeling like you're not quite ready for Lost's new season and perhaps could use a little refresher before the final season premieres next month? ABC has created a video which rapidly (and humorously) summarizes the head-scratching insanity that is Lost. It's not as clever as the quirky, action figure fueled Lost Untangled videos ABC wound up creating last season when all that time traveling business got brain-numbingly confusing and people started to complain, but it does its job of providing a CliffNotes recap for the award-winning series reasonably well.

However if you have never seen Lost before -- what the heck are you waiting for? -- don't watch this video. I strongly recommend that you start with season one episode one. It'll be a much better experience that way.

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Pavi said...

Thanks for sharing the video. I love to
watch lost episodes. I am anxiously waiting for season 6. But the bad news is that it will be the last season.