Monday, February 22, 2010

'Big Love's' 'Miracle' Pregnancy More Shocking Than Lois the Terrible

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the latest episode of Big Love.*

So there was a boatload of wildly insane moments in the latest episode of Big Love, enough nuttiness to go around for nearly every character. With a bounty of drama jam-packed into "Blood Atonement," two things topped my list:

1. Adaleen is pregnant.

As if last week's eeriely lit scene of Adaleen's wedding night to J.J., her former son-in-law (and father of her granddaughter) wasn't disturbing enough for ya, this week we learned that Adaleen is pregnant with his child. This means that Nicki's daughter, Cara Lynn, will be 15 years older than her aunt or uncle, an infant who'll also be her half-brother or half-sister. Kind of. Ick.

2. Lois can wield a machete with the best of 'em.

After running around trying to make amends with everyone held hostage in the room with her because she was certain she was going to be killed by the Greenes and would have to face God soon, Lois ultimately rose to the occasion. She came to the defense of her son Bill, something she wished she'd done when Bill was exiled from Juniper Creek when he was a young teen. Taking a machete from a nearby table, Lois dramatically sliced off Hollis Greene's arm as blood spattered across her face like something out of Braveheart and gave her family the chance to escape. Don't mess with Lois.

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What was your favorite/least favorite moment from Big Love this week?

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judy said...

I just read your comments about Big Love---you nailed it. That episode was crazy.