Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Lost:' What Kate Does

*Warning, spoilers ahead from the recent episode of Lost, "What Kate Does."*

Temple. *yawn*

More "Others." (Or, as Sawyer said in the Lost Untangled video above, "Mother Others.") *rolling my eyes*

More "Others" with guns who try to save/kill/confound our Losties while detaining them and, occasionally torturing them, this time with a hot piece of metal and electric currents. *pulling hair out*

Undead Sayid's been "claimed," otherwise known as "infected" with what the crazy French chick, Danielle Rousseau, was screaming about in season one. *areyoufreakinkiddinme*

I truly hope that Lost's team of scribes tie the Man in Black/Jacob thing into a sweet little bow by mid-May when this series concludes. But I'm losing faith that they will. While I'm hoping and waiting for the show to be as deeply thoughtful and character-centric as it used to be and could still be (if it focused on the intriguing parallel time continuums and examined the impact of one's actions on others and how one's true character manifests itself no matter the circumstances, all great topics), right now Lost is overstuffing the sandwich here and I'm losing my appetite.

At this point in the saga, I have zero patience to try and figure out what's up with some new Ben-Linus-wannabe-head-Other honcho. I don't want to get to know a whole new set of Others. I've had it with Others. There are plenty of other things to do with Lost's remaining hours, like seeing how this whole uncrashed Kate versus the post-crash/post-Jughead/still-on-the-island Kate situation play out. That, to me, is interesting. All those Other Others, Dogen and Lennon and the annoying gnat who Kate smacked around in the jungle, I couldn't care a whit about them. Want them to be attacked by the Smoke Monster. Go the way of Nikki and Paulo. Pronto. Ditto for Jacob's bodyguards who are on the other side of the island with Richard and Sun and Lapidus.

I do want to see what happens with Sun and Jin, Richard and Ben, Jack and Kate, and the undead John "Smoky" Locke. And what ever happened to Charles Whidmore and Eloise Hawking? The writers got us all invested in them and now I want to know how they factor into the equation. Dare I even inquire about Christian?

What I adored about the first few seasons of Lost was its rich development of character, relationships and its overall examination of what motivates people. When Lost veered into the realm of time travel last season, I was initially annoyed because it -- along with Daniel Faraday -- was confusing, but hung in there because I felt as though the series was still rooted in building and exploring character. What's been going on now with this temple and Dogen & Co., it's just taking up valuable time and is, frankly, irritating.

What say you Lost fans? What do you make of the new Other Others and all this Man in Black stuff? Do you think I'm being premature in my irritation and concerns and that I should just give it some more time?

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Cooley Horner said...

I agree that they really need to trim the fat at LOST. I've always been a firm believer in the idea that the show should be about it's most central and original characters; this is why I've always been resistant to the Ana Lucias, Desmonds, and Faradays of the series. I spent five years becoming invested in the core characters, so all these extras (with the exception of Ben and Richard) do nothing to deepen my interest in the show. My chief concern after last night is that we're about to go down Season 3's route again and have two completely independent storylines working at once; it cut the show in half in season 3, and it could do it again in season 6. I hope they find a way to combine Temple life with Mocke and his crew. Hopefully that confrontation will get rid of some of the extras.