Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jimmy Fallon + Robert Pattinson = Team Funny

For a while now, Jimmy Fallon has having some fun at the expense of the insane popularity of Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson. (He plays Edward Cullen, the vampire, captain of Team Edward, for those of you not in the know.)

Fallon’s been doing spoof videos which he calls, “Bothered with Robert Pattison,” where Fallon dons uber-pale makeup and messes up his hair in order to look like Pattinson’s very serious character Edward. Occasionally, Fallon willl growl like Edward the vampire does after he's climbed into a tree in order to ponder things that “bother” Pattinson.

The Valentine’s Day installment of “Bothered” was hilarious:

On Monday, Pattinson himself appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in order to plug his new movie Remember Me (in which I’m interested in seeing, but want to read reviews first). Not only did Pattinson nervously field questions as fans went completely ape *bleep* over him -- that’s when he wasn’t touching his hair (that’s one heck of a nervous tick he’s got, wanted to scream, “Stop messin’ with your hair dude!” while watching the interview) -- but he was a very good sport by agreeing to appear in a “Bothered” video with Fallon.

Don't you think Pattinson's got some kind of weird hair issue going on here?

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rita said...

Well, yeah, Rob's not quite accustomed to being the center of attention yet. May never be. But he's so damn cute and hot that I'll watch him run his fingers through his hair over and over and

Oh, yes, where was I?

I will be watching Remember Me on Friday night. Not that the movie interests me in the least.