Thursday, March 25, 2010

Showtime Releases Promo for New Dramedy 'The Big C'

Whenever I think of Laura Linney, I envision her as either in her Emmy winning role of Abigail Adams in the fabulous HBO mini-series John Adams or as the angsty, off-beat mom in The Squid and the Whale. But based on the freshly released trailer for her upcoming Showtime dramedy The Big C -- which is slated to begin this summer -- I think that may change.

Linney's high school teacher character is, according to Showtime's web site, "a reserved suburban wife and mother whose recent cancer diagnosis forces her to shake up her life and find hope, humor and the light side of a dark situation, while managing her immature but well-meaning husband, played by Oliver Platt."

Finding humor in cancer seems like it could be a risky proposition, particularly if the writers have Linney's character's cancer be terminal, as writers have with the Breaking Bad lead character. But can cancer be funny? We'll have to see. Showtime's already managed to walk a fine line and have a show about a suburban mom struggling with multiple personalities work -- plus net its star an Emmy -- so who knows?

Showtime just released a preview -- featuring Gabourey Sidibe (from Precious) as one of her students -- what do you think, can a comedy about a cancer patient work?

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