Thursday, April 1, 2010

'Lost's' Latest 'Untangled' Videos Give Wink & Nod to Fans

Y'all know that, despite all my complaining, I do love the show Lost, right? These days, I've been likening it to being in a longterm relationship. When you're in one, there are times when you get wildly irritated, enraged and disappointed, that's all balanced out by the times when you're made blissfully happy by, say, a kind gesture, a home cooked meal or, perhaps the airing a Ben Linus episode . . .

Anyway, one saving grace throughout this final season, when there's been so much pressure brought to bear to have everything tie together neatly, has been the kooky Lost Untangled videos ABC puts on the Lost web site hosted by Pierre Chang. They always seem to anticipate fans' complaints and handle them deftly, like the recent one for "The Package."

Like that snarky little bit about Sun using up too much paper when she wrote notes to Jack after she'd lost her ability to speak English (?!). I thought the exact same thing that Dr. Chang notes in the Untangled video, that perhaps she should write smaller because Staples doesn't deliver to the island.

Are you a fan of the Untangled videos? Did you like them better last year when they were done with action figures instead of puppet Chang?

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