Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Coming. In Five Days. 'Friday Night Lights.'

It's been a long wait since we last saw Coach Eric Taylor get the boot from his post as the head coach of the Dillon High School football team and be exiled to the East Dillon High School football team on Friday Night Lights. And finally, we'll find out how this is going to play out when the series returns for its fourth season this Friday.

In addition to the tricky family dynamics -- with Tami Taylor running Dillon High School as its principal while her husband struggles with an underfunded program at the rival school -- the football program storyline promises to become a classic underdog saga. Judging by the two preview clips below, Coach Taylor has got a hugely long and bumpy road ahead of him. In the first clip, he surveys the facilities and finds a raccoon locked up the football lockers. In the second, he's lining the dust-bowl of a field by himself. Quite a stark contrast from his Dillion days.

Are you looking forward to Friday Night Lights returning this Friday?

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