Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Lost Untangled' Tackles 'Across the Sea' with Lots of Snark

For those who hated the Jacob-Man in Black centered episode of Lost with Allison Janney playing their Ben Linus-like mommy called, cleverly enough, "Mother," I think you’ll definitely appreciate the snark in this installment of Lost Untangled. LOVE the “knotty mommy hair” nickname, her elevated soap box and the “jungle juice” line.

By the way, while reading Emily Nussbaum's review of Lost's "Across the Sea" for New York Magazine, I came across this gem of a comment, representative of the portion of the audience who HATED this episode: ". . . [F]rom Stella MD, regarding the lack of a name for Smokey: 'I felt like I was watching that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry can't remember [Dolores'] name. 'Goodbye, Mother.' 'Goodbye ... you.'" (That was the episode where Jerry thought the woman's name might've been "Mulva.")

Over on the Chicago Tribune's web site, TV writer Maureen Ryan was really annoyed that the murderous "Mother" was brought on sans context and without the viewers being able to access her motivations and whether she was correct or paranoid or manipulative or evil or whatever. "A few hours before it ends, Lost introduces a character whose motivations and priorities only become more muddied over the course of the single episode in which she appears," Ryan wrote. ". . . A lot of what she said was basically the island version of, 'Because I said so.'"

And we all know how that goes over when we try that on kids.

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