Wednesday, May 5, 2010

'Lost's' 'Across the Sea' Promo Includes C.J. Cregg

Allison Janney, who played the awesome press secretary C.J. Cregg on The West Wing, will be a guest star on the next episode of Lost called, "Across the Sea." In the ABC promo below, Janney's character -- called "woman" in a press release describing the episode -- is tending to another woman's wounds, saying she was the only one of "her people" left.

When Janney's "patient" continues asking questions, Janney says, "Every question I answer will simply lead to another question. You should rest and just be grateful you're alive." Is this a none-too-subtle hint to the fans, like a verbal club hitting us on our heads and telling us to cut it out with all the never-ending questions? Hmm.

While we’re on the subject of Lost videos, I finally allowed myself to watch the Lost Untangled version of “The Candidate,” even though I wasn’t really in the mood to watch Dr. Chang get all goofy when I still feel like I'm in mourning. (See my recap/review of “The Candidate” here.) But Lost Untangled's depiction of the Man in Black/Smoky Locke WAS pretty funny.

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