Thursday, July 1, 2010

Want to 'Mad Men' Yourself? New Options for a New Season.

After AMC announced last summer that my favorite Mad Men-centric artist Dyna Moe had created a series of 1960s avatars which not only allowed you to personalize them (hair, face, body type, clothing, etc.) but allowed you to insert your 1960s self into a Mad Men scene, Mad Men-ning Yourself it became all the rage of the internet.

In honor of the "fresh start" -- which everyone's proclaiming season four of Mad Men to be -- Dyna Moe has added not only new scenes, but new accessories, hair, clothing, etc. from which you can choose.

You could insert yourself into a scene with Don in Rome (as I did above, borrowing Betty's attire from the "Souvenir" episode last season, the last time Don and Betty were happy as a couple), or picture yourself next to Betty and her new, ginormous fainting chair, or even opt to grab hold of an accordian as Joan did when her idiot husband Greg insisted she play a song for his colleagues during a dinner party like a performing chimpanzee.

However, if I were being honest, a real me, circa the 1960s, wouldn't be jet-setting to Rome and donning a swanky beaded dress. I'd likely look more like this, chillin' with Betty in Ossing (though I was annoyed that my avatar couldn't hold both a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other):

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Adrian said...

I oft times wonder if stuff like this isn't overdone. Don't get me wrong. I like period pieces, pieces from an earlier, near contemporary time. The drag is, it seems when public confidence is waning, uncertain, a certain nostalgia sets in. Nobody wants to break new ground, or invariably fall into ' safe terrain ' that'll titilate the audience. How is it possible to, with artistic license faithfully recreate a period in time with it's own sensibilities peculiar to it without becoming documentarian and formulaic? Points for anybody who tries but given it's TV few bring it off well.