Tuesday, July 20, 2010

'Weeds' Season Six: Botwins on the Run

This new Showtime preview makes it seem as though Weeds’ll be more mad-cap this season as the Botwins -- aka the Newmans -- take to the road fleeing a murder scene in Mexico after Shane killed a criminally/politically connected woman who'd been threatening his mother Nancy, by hitting the woman in the head with a croquet mallet.

“Normal Newmans from Normaltown,” Nancy's oldest son Silas says of their “new” identities in the promo as we see them assuming new lives. Only this is Weeds, so “normal” is not really in the cards, is it?

Why Nancy feels compelled to continue working in the drug business, given the grief it has caused her – and it’s not as though her life has been all that great since she started dealing – well, I suppose that’s what season six is for. New episodes start airing August 16.


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